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All products are created for you to experience transformation and find inner peace, self worth and breakthrough your fears. These products can be used for spiritual growth and to release the fears and blocks holding you back from becoming whole, centred and free. Shop below for all Astrid’s beautifully transformationtransformation products to help you breakthrough fear, find inner peace and embrace a new fearless approach to the challenges you face.

If you would like to experience and be a part of Astrid’s Transformational events and have a personal miraculous experience whether in person in Australia or online via her Online transformation events please visit SPIRIT OF DIVINITY where you can book in for Events and group Services. Find out more about ASTRID’S EVENTS AT SPIRIT OF DIVINITY.

Allow Love to guide You

by Astrid Divine

‘Throughout the pages, the true power of love is the underlying message, and the blessings that love gives each and every one of us cannot be measured…’

Freedom to Love

by Astrid Divine

The freedom to love meditation is a beautiful guided meditation helping you to relax your body while Astrid guides and…

Light of Peace

by Astrid Divine

The light of peace Experince is a two part meditation assisting you to be more peaceful in your mind and create a greater sense of certainty…

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“When you are present you are more peaceful, you feel the beauty within you and are more heart centred. Don’t allow situations that create stress and anxiety to dictate your life. Take a break and look after yourself when you are stressed out or anxious.”

- Astrid

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