“Allow Love to Guide You”

by Astrid Divine


Forward by George Seraphim

“To read the words inside this book is to remember yourself as who you really are because the words inside this book are not just written, they have been lived and breathed by the author herself and I’ve been witness to the miracles in Astrid’s life. Each chapter offers you the bread of life, each line and each paragraph encapsulates the wonder of what you can truly create in this world and the beauty that is already there.

Throughout the pages, the true power of love is the underlying message, and the blessings that love gives each and every one of us cannot be measured. I would suggest to take your time reading each chapter and contemplate what is being written for yourself and how it can relate to your own life; applying the teachings will change you forever. ‘Allow Love to Guide You’ is a true gem that will forever return you to yourself.”

– George Seraphim, author of ‘The Truth’.


"Astrid came into my life at a time when I had almost given up and I will be forever grateful to her for sharing such a powerful gift with me. Astrid has profoundly changed my life for the better. I feel empowered, hopeful and filled with love. She is a beautiful soul and I felt such a strong connection with her immediately. I cannot thank Astrid enough for taking me on this journey, for the guidance and for helping me to look within and love myself. I have been lifted higher than I ever thought I could go and this is just the beginning. Astrid is an angel on earth.”

- Dani

“I will always be grateful for having Astrid come into my life at the time she did. Her connection to the Spirit world is something you know to be the truth and is vibration my whole body feels every time I connect with her.

Her immense amount of pure love allows healing to take place no matter what needs help. It is rare to find a soul that is able to feel and dissect emotions that I have and to find a way to shed light and wholeness on anything that is broken.”

- Marissa

“Astrid’s event inspired me to want to be the best version of myself. She is a miracle worker. Her divine love and guidance gives you the clarity and certainly you need with the greatest sense of self love and self worth leaving feeling whole and wonderful. Astrid is not of this Earth, she is beyond special and anyone that encounters her will feel extremely blessed. Astrid’s event will lead you where you need to be in life to reach your highest self with combining both spiritual healing and practical tools. Astrid’s event will help you ignite the fire inside you to want to move forward towards your dreams and leave what does not serve you behind.”

- Ashlee

“The light of peace meditation is an amazing experience that helps me let go of any worries or troubles in my life to experience the grace of god & the peace & love that come with it, so I can deal with any situation in my life from the loving perspective of peace & calm, what wonderful gift, thank you so much.”

- Quentin Santi

“Astrid is a world class success mentor. She absolutely excels at what she does and my life changed completely for the better after a very short period of time of working together - both health wise and career wise. Astrid is extraordinary at identifying and removing blocks to success and her intuition and guidance are second to none. My career opportunities exploded at rapid speed as a result of Astrid’s mentorship - she is dedicated, committed, highly professional and works extremely hard to bring about only the best results for her clients. ”

Dr Melissa Keogh, Clinical Psychologist and Media Consultant.


Allow Love to Guide You by Astrid Divine


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